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This is a page for non-Japanese speakers to discuss anything related to the Japanese Wikipedia.

You can also request assistance for your works on the Japanese Wikipedia.
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Deploying InternetArchiveBot on jawiki[編集]

Hello everyone on the Japanese Wikipedia. I am Cyberpower678, an administrator on the English Wikipedia and a bot operator. I have come here to ask if the Japanese community would welcome m:InternetArchiveBot and/or the tools that come with it. Before just asking the question, I will offer some background on the bot and the motifs for deploying this onto other wiki.

What is InternetArchiveBot?[編集]

InternetArchiveBot is a very sophisticated bot designed for the sole purpose of combating the ongoing problems of links dying. The bot is able to fully autonomously crawl through Wikipedia's article space and analyze links, that are formatted in various methods, and appropriately modify the wiki markup to preserve the sources used on articles. It uses a very reliable algorithm to determine if sites are dead or not. In addition to the advanced algorithms used to parse reference formatting, and checking websites, the bot is highly configurable to suit the needs of the wiki. I will touch more on this later. However, the bot does not have to be fully autonomous. IABot comes with a bunch of tools that editors can use, which can be found here. These tools let users report bugs found with the bot, help the bot improve it's reliability by letting users report issues with the bot's link checking abilities, finding more suitable archives the bot should use, and most importantly, provide tools where users can run the bot on a single page immediately as well queue the bot on a collection of user specified pages. So if the fully autonomous is not desired, these tools can still be a way to allow users to combat link rot.

Why deploy InternetArchiveBot?[編集]

The IABot project was started when the community wish list survey of 2015 had a proposal to introduce a global bot to repair broken links. The proposal made number 1 on the wishlist and thus this Phabricator ticket was created. This ticket is to track if there is consensus and it's deployment progress on this wiki. As of June of 2017, this project will hit the 2 year mark in its development.

About InternetArchiveBot[編集]

IABot uses intelligent algorithms to parse wiki text as humanly as possible. That means it will handle formatting differently when inside <ref> tags, as compared to when outside. It's able to detect citation templates and handle those correctly. When inside a reference, provided this Wikipedia uses them, IABot adds {{wayback}} or equivalent appropriate archive templates to plan external links. For unbracketed, or untitled external links, it can convert those to citation templates. When outside of references, IABot can directly replace the external link with an archive URL to avoid disrupting the final rendering of the article. It can still handle citation templates normally. IABot avoids editing URLs inside unknown templates, or URLs hidden inside <nowiki> and HTML comment tags. IABot maintains a massive database of URL metadata that helps it to efficiently do its job. The tools mentioned above can also access this database, where users can immediately fix any issues they discover that IABot will then immediately make use of. Essentially the bot will learn as more users help it to become more reliable. The error rate is very low (<0.01%) of the edits are error prone.

Different configurations of IABot[編集]

As mentioned above, IABot is very configurable to suit the wiki as needed. IABot is {{nobots}} compliant, and offers a run page in case of malfunction. Because different language Wikipedias have different cultures and work methods, this ideology was considered during IABot's initial development. When IABot is making its run, it can be instructed to make the needed fixes on the main article and report those changes to the talk page. Alternatively, the talk messages can be switched off, or the bot can be instructed to only leave talk messages alerting editors to dead URLs it found on the respective article. IABot can proactively add archive URLs to all URLs, including the non-dead, or simply restrict its changes to the URLs tagged as dead, or even URLs it sees as dead that are untagged. IABot can be instructed to restrict its operations to only links inside <ref> tags or the entire article. A complete description of InternetArchiveBot, including the configuration options can be found at m:InternetArchiveBot.

The big question[編集]

Would InternetArchiveBot, and/or its tools be a welcomed addition to the Japanese Wikipedia? Keep in mind that if the bot's full autonomy is not desired that these tools exist to give user control over the bot operation. Here are some examples. Showing examples from different wikis to demonstrate the cross wiki compatibility.—CYBERPOWER (会話) 2017年5月8日 (月) 01:55 (UTC)

Fully autonomous edits[編集]

User summoned bot edits[編集]

Take note that the edit summaries link to the requesting user for attribution.

Direct page analysis with the tools[編集]

These are edits made using the single page analysis tool mentioned above. The tool offers some options that are not available when summoning the bot. These options override the wiki set configuration the bot uses when running. Logically these options can be set for single page edits since the edit is made from the user account directly and they are responsible for the edit. Such disruption is harder to manage when the bot is being executed on a collection of pages with disruptive options.


  • 提案 本件のディスカッションを「Wikipedia:井戸端」で行うことを提案します。外国語で行う必要がないからです。( I suggest that we should discuss deploying the InternetArchiveBot or not, on the village pump because it doesn't need for us to discuss in foreign language.) 上の説明がないと議論がしにくいことに思い至りましたので提案を取り消します。I changed my previous idea. Let's discuss here! --ねをなふみそね会話) 2017年5月8日 (月) 04:49 (UTC)
  • 賛成 I was waiting eagerly for deploying that. If there is any disadvantage, what kind of thing is that? 前から日本語版にもほしいと思っていたので、導入を支持します。導入にデメリットがあるとしたら、どんなデメリットがあるでしょうか。--ねをなふみそね会話) 2017年5月8日 (月) 07:09 (UTC)
  • 賛成 Good for preservation. --Jack980517会話) 2017年5月12日 (金) 16:37 (UTC)
  • (Strong Support/強く賛成) I'd like to welcome to your bot.--Kkairri[][] 2017年5月15日 (月) 16:23 (UTC)
  • 賛成 Support. Given that it's unanimous support for more than a week, I think this can be treated as approved by the community. This aside, do we need to add any parameters to the citation templates?--ネイ会話) 2017年5月20日 (土) 06:03 (UTC)
  • @ねをなふみそね, Jack980517, Kkairri, and ネイ: Can you please point me to the bot approvals process?—CYBERPOWER (会話) 2017年7月30日 (日) 22:52 (UTC)
  • 賛成 Thanks C678 for doing great work on other Wikis! I like this idea also. Yoshi24517Chat 2017年9月11日 (月) 04:17 (UTC)

Helping for Translation[編集]

I created Layal Abboud, i hope anyone can translate and make it better. --Chyah会話) 2017年9月1日 (金) 23:46 (UTC)

I improved the article you had posted.[11] Please note that unimproved article generated with machine translation will soon be deleted on Japanese Wikipedia, since machine translation does not give adequate results in general. Thank you. --DFT B3LYP会話) 2017年9月11日 (月) 06:39 (UTC)

Request for improvements of two articles[編集]

Greetings fellow editors. I need your help with two articles I've created, admittedly and to my shame, one of them using machine translation. The first one is about the Romanian minelayer Amiral Murgescu, the most successful Romanian warship in history, and also the largest Romanian-built warship of the Second World War. This is her English article, it's quite large. The article I made for her here (アミラル・ムルゲスク (機雷敷設艦/護衛駆逐艦)) only contains some descriptive text I literally just copied from the source linked at the end of the paragraph. I would like her article to be improved from the English version, her description but especially her service. If any of you would be kind enough to do that, I would be very grateful. Also, for the record, there is a condensed version of her service on my sandbox on this Wiki, just in case her service on the English one is too large. Brown Water Admiral会話) 2017年9月11日 (月) 12:55 (UTC)

As for my second request, a small list article (ガラツィ造船所) I created using machine translation. I tried using as little sentences as possible, but it still didn't turn out right. It requires a bit of re-wording. Also, I learned my lesson and stopped using machine translations. This is why I am here, addressing you and asking for your help. Brown Water Admiral会話) 2017年9月11日 (月) 12:55 (UTC)

Hi there - may I confirm on which machine translation you are using (e.g. is it Google Translate)? Depending on your answer, some previous versions of the article might need to be deleted. --ネイ会話) 2017年9月11日 (月) 13:04 (UTC)
ネイ Yes, Google Translate. Seriously though someone please tend to the アミラル・ムルゲスク (機雷敷設艦/護衛駆逐艦) article, it's quite a shame for such a successful warship to have no service history. Brown Water Admiral会話) 2017年9月11日 (月) 15:35 (UTC)
UPDATE: I added a very basic activity list on アミラル・ムルゲスク (機雷敷設艦/護衛駆逐艦). This is only a temporary measure, until someone has time to get around and properly translate from her English article. I didn't use machine translation for this one, I actually gathered the words from other pages of the Wiki. Brown Water Admiral会話) 2017年9月13日 (水) 06:06 (UTC)
I had to request a speedy deletion on the first article because of copyright infringement. As an editor of the English Wikipedia, you should know that plagiarism is not allowed. Please see WP:COPYRIGHT. TranquilHope会話) 2017年9月13日 (水) 09:03 (UTC)
TranquilHope Well that's a bit exaggerated. I wasn't intending to keep it that way. Like the very basic activity section (which is all that remains now, along with the infobox) it was a temporary solution until someone would properly translate from her English article. You could be doing that yourself, instead of trying to scrap her. Just saying. Brown Water Admiral会話) 2017年9月13日 (水) 09:28 (UTC)
Previous versions in the edit history will still have to be deleted per ケースB-1. TranquilHope会話) 2017年9月13日 (水) 10:04 (UTC)
TranquilHope Delete away, I recreated her article here already, no copyright trouble: アミラル・ムルゲスク (護衛駆逐艦/機雷敷設艦). Now, if any of you gentlemen could add from her English article, I would be grateful. Brown Water Admiral会話) 2017年9月13日 (水) 10:21 (UTC)
You are not supposed to create duplicate articles. TranquilHope会話) 2017年9月13日 (水) 10:31 (UTC)
TranquilHope Do not worry, I already changed her Wikilink in the several pages she is referenced. The compromised article is now orphaned and ready for deletion. Brown Water Admiral会話) 2017年9月13日 (水) 10:36 (UTC)
That was a request for revision deletion, not for the deletion of the whole article. The new version has been put up for speedy deletion because you copy and pasted from the original article without attribution. TranquilHope会話) 2017年9月14日 (木) 08:00 (UTC)


I need translation for my bot. Please translate "village in china" or "village of china" or "a village of china" (which suit best in your language) in your language. --Aftabuzzaman会話) 2017年9月11日 (月) 18:00 (UTC)

Is it 中国の村? --Aftabuzzaman会話) 2017年9月11日 (月) 18:00 (UTC)
@Aftabuzzaman Year, “village in china” is translated as 中国の村 in Japanese.--Kkairri[][] 2017年9月14日 (木) 08:22 (UTC)

Request translation for two articles[編集]

I request the translation of the articles concerning the most heavily armed Romanian Navy warships of the Second World War, the scout cruisers (偵察巡洋艦) Mărăști and Mărășești. Brown Water Admiral会話) 2017年9月14日 (木) 08:44 (UTC)

Equestria Girls[編集]

マイリトルポニー〜トモダチは魔法〜 문서에 My Little Pony: Equestria Girls 장편 여럿이 극장판으로 기재된데다 Friendship Is Magic의 일부로 간주되고 있는데요, 이들은 절대 극장판이 아닙니다. 물론 Equestria Girls 장편 중 처음 몇 편이 미국, 캐나다 등 몇몇 국가에서 Limited release 방식으로 상영된 적이 있습니다만, 이는 정식 상영이 절대 아니며, 해당 장편의 제작을 주도한 Hasbro Studios에서도 모두 일본의 OVA에 해당하는 것으로 취급하고 있습니다. 덤으로 미국에서는 극장 상영 시 (의무는 아닙니다만) MPAA로부터 심의를 받지 않았습니다. 또한, Equestria Girls가 FIM 및 2010년도 MLP 리부트의 스핀오프이긴 합니다만, MLP와 Equestria Girls는 성격도 다르고 노리는 연령대도 다르며, 무엇보다 Equestria Girls에 대한 FIM 팬들에 대한 반감이 아직도 심합니다.

이에 대한 대책으로, 현재의 マイリトルポニー: エクエストリア・ガールズ 문서를 マイリトルポニー: エクエストリア・ガールズ (OVA)로 옮기고, マイリトルポニー〜トモダチは魔法〜 문서에 있는 Equestria Girls 관련 내용을 남김없이 비워 영어판 백과의 My Little Pony: Equestria Girls 문서에 해당하는 マイリトルポニー: エクエストリア・ガールズ 문서를 새로 만들어 그 곳으로 옮길 것을 제안합니다. JSH-alive/talk/cont/mail 2017年9月23日 (土) 19:35 (UTC)

Brief in English

  • Just because some of Equestria Girls were screened in American theatres (in a form of Limited release, actually), it does not make them "theatrical films" at all. They are actually a kind of film that is an equivalent of Japanese OVAs. Even Hasbro Studios (which produced Equestria Girls films) admits that the films are "TV Specials", not theatrical films.
  • Even though Equestria Girls is a spin-off of the so-called G4 of My Little Pony franchise (or media mix as you'd like to call it), it has a different nature to Friendship Is Magic, and it targets different age group to the "G4" in general. Furthermore, many fans of FIM are still more hostile towards Equestria Girls.

JSH-alive/talk/cont/mail 2017年10月6日 (金) 16:24 (UTC)

Requesting Japanese articles on Ryukyuan coins.[編集]

Hello, I wrote the semi-translations w:en:Ryukyuan mon (English) and w:nl:Riukiuaanse mon (Dutch) which correspond to the Japanese article 天保通宝 and was originally based on it, however the article also lists the coins 大世通宝, 世高通宝, 金円世宝, and 中山通宝 of which there are currently no Japanese language articles. Now this could be because these coins are from Okinawa which wasn’t exactly Japanese until recently and for that reason less people here are interested in writing about them, but as the majority of books written about them are in Japanese and the majority of the sources such as the Ryuukyuu Shimpou are all in Japanese I can only add a limited amount of sources.

Navigating Japanese Wikipedia is easy for me as y’all write a lot in Chinese characters (Kanji), but acquiring the books that cover the subjects of Ancient Ryuukyuuan coins is simply not as easy as a task for a Gaijin such as myself, I know that the Bank of Japan’s bibliography covers these subjects so if anyone is interested if they would write Japanese articles for the redlinks above information 🛈 from those articles could be translated into English and/or Dutch in a positive feedback loop of cross-wiki/inter-wiki article expansions.

PS (Post Script): If anyone has images of the aforementioned Ryuukyuuan coins then please upload them to Wikimedia Commons, excluding the 金円世宝, and 中山通宝 all of these coins are extremely cheap and would only cost a few hundred yen, but they're quite difficult to get your hands on if you live outside of Japan.

Sent from my Microsoft Lumia 950 XL with Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile 📱. -- 徵國單  (会話 🤳🏻) (銭貨 💴) 2017年9月29日 (金) 08:21 (UTC)

I just saw that the first two (2) already have articles, nice. 😄 -- 徵國單  (会話 🤳🏻) (銭貨 💴) 2017年9月29日 (金) 08:21 (UTC)

柳谷清三郎 contradiction in dates[編集]


on this article, there ie a contradiction in death dates between intro, article and categories. found throug this tool to add death dates on wikidata items.

Thanks for your help. --Hsarrazin会話) 2017年10月8日 (日) 19:45 (UTC)

Thanks a lot. I have corrected it.--Ryota7906会話) 2017年10月9日 (月) 09:13 (UTC)

Most powerful Romanian warship of WW2[編集]

Can someone please translate to this Wiki the English article for the most heavily-armed Romanian warship of WW2? I guarantee, she will worth the time: NMS Mărășești Brown Water Admiral会話) 2017年10月9日 (月) 20:11 (UTC)

The Romanian Navy[編集]

Greetings, to anyone who might care. For the past...two months I think, I, a complete non-speaker of the language, tried to create articles for the Romanian Navy. This Navy, was arguably the most successful in WW2, sinking 1 large destroyer and 16 submarines, while losing only 1 minelayer, 1 torpedo boat and 2 motor torpedo boats. Furthermore, it is the only Navy to have fought continuously throughout the war, without losing a single ship of its main force of submarines and destroyers. Yet despite all its achievements, here on this Wiki, it is treated almost like it never existed, well not so much anymore since I intervened but still. At first, I tried using machine translation, a very bad move on my behalf. Then, I tried creating list-type articles, but their quality is questionable at best. Thus, I appeal to anyone who might care: Bring this Navy to the attention it deserves. I already found help in two guys, Open-box and ネイ. Their help and understanding of my plight is very much appreciated. I rely on them, and anyone willing, to translate more about the Romanian Navy, from the English Wiki to this one. I seem to be more of a nuisance than help, I am clearly out of place here and made many mistakes. I will stop trying to add new things, however I will cling to what is salvageable and that can be improved, instead of eliminated. I need your help. Not for me, but for this glorious Navy. I will list a few articles below, which should be considered particularly important for translation:


More important warships[編集]

  • NMS Constanța - submarine tender, largest purpose-built Romanian warship of WW2
  • NMS Amiral Murgescu - most successful warship of the WW2 Romanian Navy and the largest Romanian-built warship of WW2 (she already has an article アミラル・ムルゲスク級, but it needs serious improvements)
  • NMS Delfinul - first Romanian Navy submarine, the only Axis sub in the Black sea in 1941-1942 and the most successful Romanian sub
  • NMS Năluca - one of the three Romanian torpedo boats, the most notable of them